I already did that, i know that in previous version there is some steps to restart cups etc via terminal, do you know the full guide for installing? Thank you for your interest in this question. The archive containing the script and the packages needed for the install can be found here. Once extracted it will have both the 32bit drivers, and the 64bit drivers. The later sections of this article under ‘Adding a printer’ and ‘Troubleshooting’ suggest using ‘ccp:

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The libraries are not installed as dependencies.


Automated install using a BASH script A script has been developed to automate the lp of this driver on both kinds of architectures amd64, i Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Partners Support Community Ubuntu.

If you’re posting for help, please include the following details, so that we can help you more efficiently:. Enable the cups init script update-rc. Page History Login to edit. 29900 did exactly that and failed. Instead of GUI actions, you may try this: Thank you for your interest in this question.

Canon B Driver LTS. – Ubuntu-MM Q&A

The later sections of this article under ‘Adding a printer’ and ‘Troubleshooting’ suggest using ‘ccp: So, both these ports need to be open in the firewall setting. When run sudo make -f. I hope you guys will help me. My install commands were You must modify these for your specific printer: If you do, you are lucky If you only see one number here, then try restarting the computer, or possibly you could try replacing the ccpd start up script with the one on this pageand then restart the computer.


Any distro, any platform! You can use the following commands to check whether the captfilter is working: Printing uguntu Test Page At this point you can test your printer by going to: Submit a new text post. I tried to install it using Gdebi package installer, but could not install it. If not make sure the printer is switched on. If you run into problems try turning your printer off, restart your computer and only turn your printer on, after you have logged in.

Choose English variant if you see Japanese and English variants. The ccpd daemon depends on running cups daemon before forking the second process.

CanonCaptDrv – Community Help Wiki

Click the Add button. Other subreddits you may like: If you only see one then you still have a problem with the way the ccpd daemon is starting. I downloaded the printer’s driver from canon’s website but could not install it.

Install portreserve, gsfonts, gsfonts-other, gsfonts-X11 via Synaptic Package Manager. You can use the following method to workaround the problem: The documentation should provide a list of these.


Running Monitor on Startup If we want the monitor to run each time the computer is switched on we can add it to the as a startup application by searching for and running “Startup Applciations” from the hub. Find the debian packages in the v2. Does this sidebar need an addition or correction? Download and install the drivers. This guide will not cover setting up cups for network printing.