A patch for atkbd. It is especially annoying because my LCD brightness is set to its lowest setting and the button to increase the brightness is not working. Just curious to know if you are all installing the 32 bit version, or whether anyone has installed the 64 bit version on an NC Add tags Tag help. There are additional applications you could install like Magic Keyboard. I am still testing.

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Partners Support Community Ubuntu. I have reinstalled BM but still no joy. Thanks for the heads-up.

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Username and password are provider specific, see the list above or your provider for the details. By Pete Fisher on May 7, If you are trying to install Windows 7 Released Version on the NC10 please see my new post and comment there.

And yes, its an optional package, however, unless you opt-out from installing it you should have gotten it. Ideally one where one can set it moem to load anything a startup.

Hi, I noticed an issue with samsung power scheme. The Ubuntu logo is shown as elliptical instead of circular.


It’s therefore possible to sniff the USB communication and reverse-engineer nf10 drivers for the open source community. But one problem is that the Easy Display Manager is keep bugging me when I start up the computer. I would initially suspect 3rd samsunf drivers or software as you seem to have ruled out hardware and if it was caused by Windows 7 then one would assume we would all be experiencing it….

While I try to use an integrated Huawei E modem, the problem is basically the same as tracked by this bug.

Ubuntu Karmic Koala 9.10 on the Samsung NC10

Seems like this happens at least 3 times a day. Just to double-check on the hardware: Creating a bootable “alternate” usb stick from a running Ubuntu. To ssamsung it do a sudo apt-get install linux-image Now n1c0 internal speakers should be disabled when you plug-in a headphone’s jack.

By LucaT on May 13, In the past few days, UAC has starting prompting me on startup asking me whether or not I authorise dmhkcore.

After a loooong time of waiting for this it has finally arrived again remember some time in 4. Antivirus is usually my first point of call when dealing with intermittent errors, especially when it is running on a pre-release OS; because of the way it integrates and entwines itself with so many aspects of the system.


By doing a circle on touchpad you can check the cursor making a “egg-like” movement, because vertical sensitivity is much higher than horizontal.

Remember to keep it always at the latest available version. I tried many solutions surfing the net, but nothing…no positive results.

NC10 – Community Help Wiki

Currently posting with UMTS enabled. Ubuntu Karmic Koala 9. Restarting the network-manager doenst work, too. By Yufina on May 30, C Canonical Ltd. Pi peter-bergmann wrote on By DeadMan on Aug 1, By Ade Miller on May 6, By Bc10 on May 23, Everything else works fine. DVI cables are most commonly used to transmit video data from older PCs to older